AR/VR Tech Halloween Special



Another successful Jersey City Tech Meetup was held on October 24th, and it was an absolute blast! A huge thanks to for hosting everyone and providing goodies for all of the attendees. Also, want to give a special shout out to Kristen Kucks for working with me to bring it all to life! CEO and Co-Founder Angelo Stracquatanio III enlightened the crowd on the future of Augmented Reality in a variety of industries and the story of how this Jersey City startup came to life.

Michael Burghoffer of PicoTurbine International also presented on the future of Virtual Reality and even provided headsets for everyone to have some fun with during the networking portion of the event, so another huge thanks to Michael and his team for bringing the fun. Lastly, thanks to all the awesome attendees for their continued support!



This Halloween season, come join us at the HQ for a deep dive into how AR/VR is changing the tech game in Jersey City and beyond! From pharma to biotech, healthcare, education and more, Virtual/Augmented Reality is (literally) giving techies a new perspective on how we see the world. Will technology as we know it make the shift down this virtual wormhole, redefining what is possible within our innovation ecosystem? Join us to see what the future holds for businesses and entrepreneurs across the board.

Come get down with the Fall vibes, share a pumpkin spiced beer and learn about the future of AR/VR from industry leaders in this interactive Halloween tech special!

6:15 – 7:15: Networking, Beer and VR headset playtime courtesy of PicoSolutions
7:15 – 7:20: Quick Intro
7:20 – 8:00: Future of AR Keynote w/ Angelo Stracquatanio of Apprentice
8:00 – 8:30: VR Chat w/ Michael Burghoffer of PicoSolutions
8:30 – End of Night: After party at Pet Shop!!! (Around the corner from Apprentice. Happy hour specials all night for our group. Just let the bartender know you’re there with the JC Tech Meetup 🙂

Angelo Stracquatanio: Angelo is Co-founder and CEO of, providing the leading industrial augmented reality solutions for laboratories and complex manufacturing. As a pioneer of AR and AI for human empowerment, Angelo has positioned Apprentice as the world-wide frontrunner of innovative technology. Angelo imagines a world in which in which a synergistic relationship generated between man and technology exists so that meaningful research, lifesaving product development and manufacturing are all executed with greater control, safety, productivity, stability and reliability. Apprentice doesn’t just augment reality; it augments human ability. Angelo previously developed enterprise mobile applications for global Fortune 500 companies.

Michael Burghoffer: Michael is currently the CEO of PicoTurbine International which is on a mission to “Materialize Imaginations” through the PICO ecosystem:
PicoTech Institute(Educate)
Michael believes that Virtual Reality is becoming the answer to business owners and designers alike to uncover endless new possibilities! He believes that with any newer technology, it is just a matter of finding the right course of action and application for this amazing tool to add value. During Michael’s adventure as a serial entrepreneur at a very young age, he has been the founder of numerous businesses around areas that he is passionate about such as technology, education, design, fitness, and strategy. Michael’s life long belief is that success is only achieved once you assist others in achieving theirs. All companies and personal core values: Proactive, not Reactive. Innovation is Empowering. Customers over Profit. Optimistic mindset. The words “I can’t” do not exist in Michael’s World!

Written by Joseph L Cameron

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