5 Takeaways From Our Eye-Opening CEO Tech Talk

What an incredible meetup last week! The Jersey City Tech Meetup community gathered once again for our summer kickoff to learn from our panel of rockstar CEOs about the technology and habits they’ve picked up along their journey to becoming successful and productive business owners. This was by far one of my favorite conversations yet, covering everything from the importance of personal values in your organization, to analyzing the need for technical tools based on the money they save you in manpower, to the necessity of using video on social media to showcase yourself as a CEO and what your brand stands for (we believe in you Ceallaigh 😉

What a fun, intelligent and insightful group of panelists! I’d like to thank Aaron Price of Propelify, Ceallaigh Pender LMT CDT of Salvation Wellness, and Michael Burghoffer of PicoSolutions for coming out and sharing their wisdom with myself and the community. Be sure to check them out and follow along as they grow these innovative businesses!

Some key takeaways from the discussion:

  1. When assessing different tools for efficiency and cost justification, look at it in terms of how much time it saves you, and what your time is worth. For example, if you spend $200 a month on a tool, but it saves you 10 hours of work at $100/hour, the tool pays for itself in effort saved. Start thinking of your time more wisely.
  2. When growing your business, it is important to stick to your core values and keep them at the forefront of your business. If you stay true and authentic to what you believe in and keep that at the forefront of everything you do as a business, the rest will fall into place.
  3. Be sure to stay on top of trending technical tools and social media marketing platforms. If you don’t stay ahead of the curve, your business may suffer and fall behind. With all the free tools available out there, it is simple to be the face of your company and represent what you stand for. Video/content game weak? With the power of modern day cell phones, you can practice and record videos of yourself regularly, analyzing your weaknesses and adjusting accordingly until you have your style down.
  4. While delegation can be crucial and often completely necessary, be sure you’re not giving up who you are and what your brand represents. Sometimes, YOU as the CEO are the only one who can accurately depict the spirit and message of your company. Delegate when you can, and take ownership when it is necessary.
  5. Every company has a different point when it’s time to begin hiring. Especially when starting out, it’s important to do as much as you can to cut costs. However, as you start growing, it may be time to start hiring employees once you are no longer able to stay on top of the growth. Rule of thumb: when the cost of hiring an employee is balanced out by the time you save X your hourly rate, it’s time to start growing the team!

Another big thanks to Mack Cali and the team over at Harborside Atrium for hosting us and making this all possible! We’re definitely looking forward to keeping the collaboration going and hosting more events there in the very near future.

Look out for the full video coming soon, and join us this month at our Solar Summer Special on the 30th: bit.ly/JCTechSolar

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Written by byurcisin

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