Exploring the Algorithm: Social Media Marketing, Security, & Influencer Culture

What an amazing Jersey City Tech Meetup on Wednesday! We had a super insightful panel chat on social media marketing, privacy, and influencer culture. I’d like to thank Alexa Eden and Joseph L. Cameron for the thought-provoking conversation that truly engaged the packed room. Full video coming out soon for those who missed it!

A huge thanks to David Trotta from Whealth for setting us up with this amazing space, Journal Square Lounge for hooking us up with wine and food, and for this wonderful community who continues to come out to our events and make this all possible. 

Another huge thanks to Rob Rinderman and NJ Tech Weekly for covering our event and supporting this awesome community! Check out their recap and takeaways from the night HERE:

This was an especially special one for me because it marks one year of running this intriguing group. It hasn’t always been easy – I learned many lessons along the way, faced a ton of challenges, lost my motivation, even felt close to giving up at times. But when I saw what we created on Wednesday, I was reminded why we do this. 

Bringing everyone together, creating awesome connections between the right people, learning so much about all different sectors of tech, and having a blast while doing it.

What topics do you want to see covered at future meetups? What blog posts are you interested in reading? Leave a comment below and let us know what you’d like to see from us in the future. 

Join us at our next one on October 22nd as we dive into the technology behind Health & Wellness. RSVP now: http://bit.ly/JCTMZenOut2

Written by byurcisin

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